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We wanted to be a bit different, so we thought about things differently and came up with a different approach to getting beautiful beers out to you. We reckon these are the things that make HopSpot just a bit different - in a very good way.

The Freshest Beer

The less time beer spends hanging around in bottles the better. That's why we pour it straight from the keg and get it out to you quick smart. Once it arrives, we strongly recommend not wasting any time extracting it's maximised flavour from the bottle.

Properly filled bottles

There is a big difference between us and the typical 'fill your own' store, and it's not our lack of teenage staff lurking about in branded polo shirts. We fill with CO2 so in the unfortunate event that you're pressed for beer drinking time, they last waaaaaay longer than if you just filled them up and whacked a cap on it.

Limited release beers

You can scour every supermarket shelf and bottle store fridge from Kaitaia to Bluff, and you'll struggle to find a bottled drop of any of our carefully selected craft beers. Breweries only produce them in a limited amount, so they pretty much only appear at pubs on taps. And now, exclusively at your place.

$5 simple shipping

One box or five. City, suburbs or the country, if we ship to you, you're only going to pay one price to get these beers, $5. Simple..

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